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In ancient times, when the gretchlings still dwelt in the ghettos and were not yet lead to the promised land, a prophecy was made: there would come a day when the wickedness of the world would drive one to create a homestuck GLoGhack. The fulfillment of this baleful curse was the desire of one sect of gretchlings, who had always yearned to see the world destroyed. And so it was that GLoGSTUCK was first endeavored upon. But its vessels, its slaves, were yet impure. They did not know the true GLoG. They did not even understand the true nature of the Oblidisideryptch. And so they fell away, and GLoGSTUCK rested like a bloated corpse in the desert until it was merely bones. 

But today is the Reckoning, and the dry bones have Arisen Anew. The stillborn child, by many made, has been by one resurrected.


GLoGSTUCK as it stands is mostly an extended classis. In the interest of conciseness, most of the (extremely cool) setting details and additional tables from the first version have been left out. You can (and should) still look at them and use them for your games. The rules herin are not suitable, perhaps, for all GLoGhacks. Including an SBURB player into any "normal" GLoG game is obviously fraught, but should you decide to do so, make certain you've checked for errant rules and edge cases. 

GLoGSTUCK is not balanced. Its not even not balanced in the GLoG "Incomparables" way. This is a thing called "Ludonarrative resonance" apparently. The DM should consider whether to pick classpects for the players. If you decide to play this game, I cannot be held accountable. If you decide to spring this game on your normal play group in the guise of a game where you play slice-of-life as late-2000s teens, I'm impressed your group is down for that and also you are incredibly based. 

Credits: Arnold K. for GLoG; Godsgifttogrinds, writer of the definitive work Sburb Glitch FAQ; Locheil et al. for their work on the first version; and the damnable wretch known as Hussie and his far superior colleagues.

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